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Japan Mitsubishi 16 Points PCL Input Module FX2N-16EX Programmable Logic Controller
US $110.70
Japan Mitsubishi PLC Programmable Logic Controller FX2N-16EYR-ES( 16 RLY OUT)
US $124.20
New FX2N-2DA FX0N-3A 1PG-E PLC Expansion Module for Mitsubishi FX FX2N freeship
US $78.00
Mitsubishi FX0N/FX1N/FX2N/FX3U series PLC programming port RS422 to RS485 and RS232 optical isolation Lightning surge
US $75.11
Mitsubishi PLC Expansion Module FX2N-16EX/FX2N-16ER Input Module Programmable Logic Controller
US $110.70
Industrial Spare Parts Mitsubishi PLC Extension FX2N-16EX 16EYR 16EYT 8EX 8EYR 8EYT 32 48ER/T LC Fast Delivery
US $49.20
FX2N, PLC controller, programmable controller, made in China MITSUBISHI PLC 14 points, /20 points, 4 axis 100K
US $32.00
Mitsubishi PLC Expansion Module FX2N-16EX Input Module Programmable Logic Controller
US $110.70
Japan Mitsubishi analog input module FX2N-16EX programmable logic controller
US $112.50
FX-USB-AW : USB/RS422 interface for Mitsubishi FX3U/FX2N/FX1N/FX0/FX0S/FX1S series PLC, 2.5 meters, FREE SHIPPING
US $34.95
FOURSTAR Mitsubishi FX2N isolated RS485 interface board Optical isolation Strong anti-interference design
US $54.90
FOUR STAR Mitsubishi FX2N USB interface board can be extended to a USB interface on the PLC
US $37.40
Japan Original Mitsubishi Electric PLC FX2N-16EX-ES/UL EXT BLCOK,16DC IN
US $112.50
FX2N Domestic PLC Fully Compatible MITSUBISHI Domestic MITSUBISHI PLC PLC Industrial Control Board Download Online Monitoring
US $33.26
FX2N-80MT-001 FX2N80MT001 PLC Moudle For Mitsubishi New in Box Free Shipping
US $319.00
Advanced Industrial Controller Mitsubishi Micro PLC Programming FX2N Series 220VAC with Faster Program Execution
US $200.00
High Speed FX1N FX2N FX3U-48MT/40MT Domestic Mitsubishi PLC Industrial Control Board
US $88.00
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